Strip poker stories

strip poker stories

Stories Tagged with strip poker sex story at Keenstories. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. It encourages an author to continue writing, and helps frame future segments, which this story will have. This story is about. He said “let's play strip poker.” Kim quickly hit her husband and told her husband to stop being a horndog. Sheri chimed in slurring her words.


Poker Stories: Andrew Lichtenberger I said nonchalantly, "Well, I guess we could put the money away and up the ante a bit The whole situation had changed now to being kinda awkward. I remember sitting back and closing my eyes and feeling at one with the music. My Maria was also down to her panties, and had drawn repeated glances from us guys. I just looked down at the table. The four lay there with the guys softening dicks still in their pussies. strip poker stories

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She took her blouse off, revealing a beige bra and a far more ample chest than mine. Another vodka tonic appeared. Send to a friend Flag inappropriate Sent email to Lush Comments Add to favourites Follow author Add to reading queue Printer friendly View as PDF Added: I always knew that Brian was good at games. On the way home I could barely walk.

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